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Some info about our project

Our goal is to publish free and open-access educational information on branding and brand identity design.

Eventhough we've already spent several years trying to see how we put this project together, this project is still in its early stages of development.

For the future, we have high hopes of building a useful platform for creatives all over the world to use as a resource and make their professional careers easier.

Join our community!

Poly Forum is a place to discuss branding, share tips and resources, ask questions, request feedback, and connect with other creatives from around the world.

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A Guide of Best Practices in Branding

Poly Atlas features a step-by-step guide to the Branding process including practical tips, case studies, template files, and many other useful resources.

Getting Started

This framework can be a valuable resource for any person with an interest in Branding, whether you are a seasoned creative professional, a rookie design or marketing student, an entrepreneur or business owner, or simply a Branding enthusiast.

Each section of this platform breaks down the Branding process into individual goals along with: (1) a general description of each goal, (2) an account of whom in the Branding team should be appointed to perform each task, (3) a rough estimation of the hours of work allocated to each goal, and (4) further information, resources, and case studies.

Branding is a multidisciplinary process and hence it's best performed by a team of professionals who specialise on each discipline. However, whether you wish to design Brand Identities for clients as a part of a creative team or as a solo freelancer, following this framework —and, if necessary, adapting it to your specific needs— aims to (1) provide you with a better understanding of the Branding process, and (2) optimising and expediting your workflow, allowing you to fast-track all the minor administrative tasks and allowing you to focus your efforts on the creative output.

All along this workflow you will find entries titled "The Polyfen Group" which showcase how we, at The Polyfen Group, have performed each task.

However, bear in mind that every Branding or Brand Identity Design project is unique and can be vastly different depending on the specifics of the business, industry, budget, time frame, target public, and the skill level of the people involved, as well as their resources and preferred work methodology.

All authored content within this document is distributed for free by Boris Hrncic & The Polyfen Group under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Furthermore, this is a collection of what we at The Polyfen Group consider to be the best practices in Branding, but other authors may digress.

You can be a part of the conversation and share your comments and questions in our online community Poly Forum, a place to discuss branding, share tips and resources, ask questions, request feedback, and connect with other creatives around the world.

Now, let's go ahead and get started!